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Communication is an art and often the strongest and the weakest link in an organization

Internal communication

Connect remotely with members across time zones, domains, and geographies

  • Internal communication through chats is the fastest way to gain attention and yet not many applications have focused on enhancing this capable tool.
Internal communication

Disparate teams

This feature helps organize the workflow keeping all communication available under one section

  • There is also a search option that allows members to sift through chat history, documents, and contracts
Disparate teams

Files and Emojis

Chats should be an immersive experience replete with emojis, the ability to upload images, files and much more

  • Tasks are shared between members of groups for quicker turnarounds
Files and Emojis

Team Management

Teams allow a collaborative workspace in a hybrid environment. Therefore, one can chat with an individual or a department, or disparate teams

  • A larger number of contacts can be added to Teams for larger propagation of information
Team Management

workflow Management

Teams come with excellent functionalities that enable organizations to break silos and improve teamwork

  • Audio and video calls to connect across groups and geographies
workflow Management

Chat feature in Dhumi isn’t just a tool but an enabler of effective communication

  • Chats or messages to schedules as per convenience
  • Searchable chat history, contracts, and documents allow for improved results
  • Enhanced collaborative tools that allow increased teamwork and effective communication
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Sara Wilsson


we are organizing our work through dhumi

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

dhumi is customized modes depending on the type and nature of the professional discussion on our virtual meetings

Matt Brandon


i am handling the freelancing team in dhumi with docs an groups