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Communication is an art and often the strongest and the weakest link in an organization. With us, you can manage your meetings, calls, and presentations, with just a click of the mouse. We bring you a one-stop-shop platform with features that will enhance real-time communication. Dhumi will assist you and your organization transform the way work is done by providing a collaborative workspace.

We are Dhumi Communications

The newsfeed keeps the client informed about the latest updates, notifications, events, and more

Newsfeed is the social media for the teammates, who can go on an exploratory drive. It is a place to let your hair down and travel virtually

Share ideas with myriad departments and people through the newsfeed

The team can work in sync since they have access to the shared view in the newsfeed

Enhances productivity since both conversations and files become easily searchable

Trustly - Dhumi Client
Oldendorf - Dhumi Client
Grabyo - Dhumi Client
Myob - Dhumi Client
Belimo - Dhumi Client
Life Groups - Dhumi Client
Lily - Dhumi Client
citrus - Dhumi Client

Connect remotely with members across time zones, domains, and geographies

Chats should be an immersive experience replete with emojis, the ability to upload images, files, and voice messages, record voice messages, and much more. We provide clients with all this and more through our platform.

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